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Love Coupons are Offered for a limited time, when they're gone, they're gone.

These offers were created as a way for me to give back to people and businesses I believe make Portland a better place to live. They were also created to encourage couples to take the time to try new things, travel to new places, taste new foods, and share fun, new experiences.

Remember, new experiences spark the pleasure centers in your brain. It's similar to what you feel when you eat chocolate or have sex. Good things, right? Couples who regularly experiment with novel outings and experiences are far more likely to keep their relationships fresh, alive, and fun-filled. Happy couples help to create happy families and happy families help to make a happy community and a happy community helps to make Portland a wonderful place to live and flourish.

Who knew so much good could come from cashing in a merchant's offer. But then again, it's so much more. It's your doorway to a new outing or adventure with your spouse or partner.

You should know that today's selected business did not pay to have their generous offer featured on this page. It's simply my pleasure to promote and introduce them to you.

Please support this wonderful establishment by redeeming today's offer. If you liked the service or product or adventure--and I'm certain you will--then re-visit them again and again. And, tell your friends about them. Let everyone in on the fun.

Watch this page and check back often as the love coupons change frequently. Also,  follow me on Twitter and Facebook. I will post on those social networks when new offers are available. Just click the "Follow" buttons at the top of the right-hand column.

The Portland Couples Counseling Center partnered with the featured provider to bring you this exclusive special offer. You won't find it anywhere else.



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